International Speakers as seen on: CBS, CNN, NBC, Google

On your mobile phone and want to see this awesome video?  Click Here


On your mobile phone and want to see this awesome video?  Click Here

Dear VIP Guest,

The rules for creating wealth and success have completely changed. This economy is going through the greatest changes of your lifetime. With even more uncertainty looming on the horizon, there exists more amazing opportunity than we have ever seen.

There will be more millionaires created in the next ten years then ever before. Don’t be left behind...

At the Get Mojo Stand Out Summit our mission is simple.

We want to set you free.

Our goal is to empower you to live a life of freedom, abundance, and fulfillment, and to create the wealth and prosperity that you deserve.

Get MOJO SOS is a global initiative to mentor entrepreneurs in hand-to-hand combat, and to battle the new economy and win every time.

We will liberate you from the lies and limiting beliefs that the media uses to brainwash the masses, and to break free from the “CNN Kool-Aid”.

For this reason, we have brought together an elite panel of mentors who have created incredible success in their lives and business to reveal to you little-known strategies, tools, and information that will give you the confidence, clarity, and momentum to create massive results while doing what you love.

Rub Elbows with Millionaires
and Masters of Business Strategy

Get tons of amazing tips and ideas on how to explode your business from the best minds on the planet. Learn the secrets that will liberate you from limiting beliefs and allow you to break through self-imposed barriers.

You won’t want to miss this “game changing” event that will teach you how to create more income, convert more sales, and multiply your online presence.

When you attend the Get Mojo Stand Out Summit, over 2 power-packed days you will discover:

  • How these international speakers have become multi-millionaires (and how you can do it too!)
  • Generate massive traffic to your business in under 30 days
  • Convert 50-500% more prospects into buyers through automated video marketing
  • How to create massive revenue from your potential and existing customer list almost overnight
  • How to launch a new product, service, or business to 10s of thousands of people worldwide in 14 days or less
  • Why only 5% of people make money through social media. We will show you how to be the exception, and not the rule.
  • How to automate your business and auto-pilot found income streams
  • How to find your path, purpose, and passion to Win in life and business!

Who should come?

Anyone that wants to grab huge market share NOW.

Entrepreneurs who are hungry to "multiply” their business immediately!

Business owners and sales professionals that want to go from stuck to being unstoppable.

Mark Your Calendars for this two day, Epic event!

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “I’ve been to other seminars. So what can possibly make this one any different?”

It’s really simple. At this event:

You will get a chance to win big money
made right before your eyes!

The Get Mojo S.O.S. "put your money where your mouth is" challenge:

We are going to prove to you that what we teach actually works and you get to see how to make $money$ in just two days! Starting on the first day of the summit we will create a new product and launch it LIVE on the internet.

We will then check in over the course of the two day summit to see how we are going. AND THEN...on the final day, someone from the audience will win all the income generated and the online business and website. Yes, even you could walk away with cash!

How cool is that??

Now, for the part you’ve been dying to know:

Who are the speakers?

  • Les Brown - Les is a top motivational speaker, speech coach, and best-selling author.  His high energy and from the heart message motivates and engages all audiences to step into their greatness, providing them with the motivation to take the next step toward living their dream.
  • Jim Graham - Jim is a lifelong entrepreneur who has owned many successful and nationally recognized businesses as well as a world renowned speaker of internet marketing.  Jim is going to show you how you can automate a launch on your new product, business, or service in 14 days or less!
  • Mojo Video (Cory Sanchez & Ira Rosen) - Cory & Ira have created automated video marketing techniques that help you build deeper relationships, separate yourself from your competition, and get more done in less time. Their system is video marketing on steroids. Ira and Cory help companies blow up their revenue from 50-500%.
  • Emily Graham - Emily is a self-taught internet marketing wiz who started out as a stay at home mom.  She now shares her success and empowers others to achieve the same freedoms.  Learn about automatic online monetization and niche keyword domination for massive traffic generation.
  • Steven Essa - Steven is a world renowned webinar marketing expert.  He has shared the stage with many of the best and highest profile speakers in the industry.  See a live webinar of the master at work and learn how you can use webinars and the internet into your business for higher conversion rates.
  • Larry Loik - International Foremost Internet Expert seen on CNBC, CBS, Money magazine and more.  He will show how to make a continuous ongoing fortune with the hottest trend worldwide.  He helps local businesses market online with his “do-it-for-you” system.
  • Bill Walsh - Bill Walsh is the founder of Powerteam International and is one of the top venture capitalists/business coaches in the country. He has joined leaders from around the world to educate, inspire and help entrepreneurs create more success and wealth.
  • JT Todaro - Coach JT generates internet leads for a very large mortgage banker by using a unique tool. He will show you how to find leads in any industry of people wanting to buy your product or service now. You will learn how to instantly generate “NEW” prospects for your business and how to capture, convert, and drip on those prospects until they become customers.
  • Mark Victor Hansen - Mark Victor Hansen, (as seen on Oprah, CNN, the Today Show) is the bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Hailed as a visionary, he has created powerful change in thousands of organizations and millions of individuals worldwide with his proven messages of possibility, opportunity, and action.
  • Will "Power" Duquette - Master hypnotist, wealthy real estate investor and one of the world’s leading personal development speakers.  He will share how to reprogram you subconscious mind so you become a conscious performer, take better actions, and achieve greater success.